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A team of intake, medical and therapeutic professionals focused on individual needs in terms of Education, Care & Safety through every step of your mental wellness journey.

"One of the beautiful things about Ketamine, that really differentiates it from the other psychedelics is the immediate antidepressant impact.  What that results from is the work of the molecule.  And the molecule creates somewhere between a 48 hour and a 2 week window where the new dendrites and neural plasticity is available to create new neural pathways.  This new experience provides a place in life where you’re not controlled by the habitual pattern of depression and we work with them to integrate that in a life long process."

"The Ketamine does the work of creating potential, the KAP part does the work of moving potentiality into reality."

- Dr. Les Cole

Dr. Thomas of Clarity Integrative Psychiatry

Introduction video to Dr. Naveen Thomas - Our Partner Psychiatrist.

Therapists and Medical Professionals

To assist you in understanding the process, it is recommended that you please review the short 10 plus minute introduction video to understand the Attento Ketamine and related intake specific to your potential referrals

We are hopeful this is helpful and have intake staff and members of the team available to provide support as needed. Ph: 678.216.8167  eMail:

IV/IM Services

Attento is committed to offering clients flexibility in terms of Ketamine administration path based on the guidance of our in-house physician, Dr. Jerry (Tee) Todd.


In consultation with Dr. Todd and per “suitability and best path of treatment” clients can explore direct Intravenous or Intra-muscular administration based on need per medical evaluation in addition to Ketamine prescription approval in conjunction with Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) from our intensively trained Attento therapeutic team.


Our Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Team

KAP Counseling Team
Vanessa Desir, Danielle Greene, Dr. Les Cole, Jenni Caruso, Jeff Brannan, Beth Ebinger

Ketamine Support Specialist

Dr. Timothy Giannoni, Savannah Rose Johnson

Support Medical Team

Dr. Jerry Todd, Dr. Naveen Thomas

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