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IV/IM Services

About Attento Intra-Venous (IV) and Intra-Muscular (IM) Ketamine Treatment


Attento is committed to offering clients flexibility in terms of Ketamine administration path based on the guidance of our in-house physician—Dr. Jerry (Tee) Todd. 

In consultation with Dr. Todd and per “suitability and best path of treatment” clients can explore direct Intravenous or Intra-muscular administration based on need per medical evaluation in addition to Ketamine prescription approval in conjunction with Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) from our intensively trained Attento therapeutic team.   KAP support is available for IV/IM administration and is available to clients by request or recommendation of Dr. Todd. 

In consideration of IV/IM treatment, growing research evidence is emerging related to efficacy of  Ketamine Infusion as a stand-alone treatment and supported by the Attento Ketamine Practice in support of client need.  As a medication used for off-label treatment for depression/anxiety  remediation of symptoms (Ketamine has not yet obtained formal FDA approval for said use accept via nasal administration—Spravato) for clients who have struggled to find relief from traditional med./therapeutic approaches.
  Dr. Todd is available for medical evaluation to determine the potential benefit of Ketamine treatment and will provide a comprehensive overview of the recommended course of administration based on unique individual presenting conditions.


IV/IM administration is the most commonly used form of Ketamine delivery (often referred to Infusion/Injection Treatments), and is considered a medical procedure.  IV/IM treatment is directly supervised by an MD and protocols for intervention are designed to ensure remission of symptoms (Depression/Anxiety/PTSD related response). 

Medical treatment protocols are used to ensure client/patient safety as the uptake of the IV/IM Ketamine is immediate and similar to other medical procedures vitals are monitored for the safety of clients/patients. Treatments are delivered in a comfortable and supportive setting, treatments last for normally one hour and time for recovery will follow the session.

  Dr. Todd has been trained in KAP therapeutic procedure and is committed to ensuring clients are emotionally supported during treatment if supported KAP from our training team of therapists/specialists is not elected.  We believe a unique characteristic of our Practice is that all Ketamine Treatment is support focused on a personal level of care and professional support to ensure your comfort and safety. 

Based on presenting condition, Dr. Todd will guide you in the best path for Ketamine treatment within the Attento Ketamine Practice.  It is our focus to ensure appropriate client education and awareness to all forms of Ketamine treatment to ensure the positive impact of treatment experience.


The client/patient path to Ketamine treatment begins with a medical evaluation appointment to explore options and ensure safety.  If you have long-term treatment resistant depression/anxiety we encourage you to contact our office to receive more information about the diverse path of treatment Attento offers.

IV/IM Options

Dr. Tee Todd, MD

Dr. Tee Todd is a Georgia native who completed his undergraduate degree in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology at Emory University. He attended medical school at the Medical College of Georgia, followed by anesthesiology residency at Emory University.


Focusing on patient care, Dr. Todd is committed to a warm and professional connection with clients that ensures questions are answered and the needs of his patients remain central to his service. 


He enjoys woodworking, traveling, attending Atlanta Braves baseball games, and most of all, spending time with his wife and 2 sons in the North Atlanta area.


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