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NEW! Referral Partner Video

Featured Team Members:

Vanessa Desir, LPC - KAP Clinician

Dr. Les Cole, LPC - Director & KAP Clinician

Dr. Naveen Thomas, MD - Ketamine Psychiatrist

Dr. Tee Todd, MD - Ketamine Anesthesiologist

Visit our Referrals page HERE.

Therapists and Medical Professionals:

Thank you for considering Attento for possible referral of your valued Clients. The following description and flow-chart is provided to inform you as a referring clinician or medical professional of Attento Ketamine Service offering and the specific process of intake/medical evaluation and Ketamine Treatment scheduling of Appointments. Please be aware that Attento Ketamine Service is an Adjunct to Your Established Relationship with Your Client and your ongoing support is a key component of effective Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) Treatment for a defined period of sessions. To assist you in understanding the process, it is recommended that you please review the short 10 plus minute introduction video to understand the Attento Ketamine and related intake specific to your potential referrals. We are hopeful this is helpful and have intake staff and members of the team available to provide support as needed. THANK YOU FOR TRUSTING US IN SUPPORT OF YOUR CLIENTS!!!

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